They show sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. They have a sense of personal commitment to action and service.

Hugo The Happy Starfish "The Secret Of Happiness"
by Liebermann, Suzy, Happy Language Kids LLC., 2011
Happiness Begins with Sharing
Hugo is a little starfish. He finds his life dull. Tired of feeling sad, one day he sets off to find happiness. After much searching, he discovers something that makes his heart do a summersault! Sharing with others is the only thing that makes him truly happy; all other things just made him feel better for a little while. (3-8 years)
Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
The mother sings to her sleeping baby: "I'll love you forever / I'll love you for always / As long as I'm living / My baby you'll be." She still sings the same song when her baby is 2-year-old, 9-year-old, and then a teenager. When her son grows up and leaves home, she still sings the same song to him. Then, inevitably, the day comes when she's too old and sick to hold him, and the roles are at last reversed. (Ages 4 to 8)
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge is a little boy who lives beside a nursing home. He has many friends there but his favourite is Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper because she has four names just like he does. When Miss Delacourt loses her memory, Wilfrid develops a plan to help her find it. (5-8yrs.)

Thank You Mr. Falker by Polacco, Patricia 1998
At first, Trisha loves school, but her difficulty learning to read makes her feel dumb, until, in the fifth grade, a new teacher helps her understand and overcome her problem.
(7-11 yrs.)

Koala Lou by Fox, Mem 2001
Koala Lou decides to enter the Bush Olympics. Her mother has become so busy that she forgets to tell Koala Lou how much she loves her. Koala Lou hopes to win her mother's love and a medal all at the same time. (5-8yrs)

The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman illustrated by Karin Littlewood
Hassan is miserable at school in England where everything is grey, and where he can't talk to anyone since he doesn't speak English. When he paints a picture of his far away home, he remembers the terrible time when the soldiers came. However the next day he talks to an interpreter and paints another picture in bright colours for his mother of their happier times, in the country which used to be their home.
communicators, caring

The Day of Ahmed's Secret by Florence Parry Heide illustrated by Ted Lewin
Ahmed is very pleased with himself as he goes about Cairo's bustling streets delivering gas bottles to his many customers who call out his name and greet him. He is very much a part of the life of this colourful and noisy city and he is proud that he is helping earn money to support his family. And his secret is that he has learned to write his name.
inquirers, caring, reflective

When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy Hest illust by P J Lynch
This beautifully illustrated picture book vividly describes a young girl's journey from eastern Europe when she migrates to a new life in America at the turn of the nineteenth century. Jessie has left behind her beloved grandmother and is determined to work out a way that they can be together again. (7 -13 years)
thinkers, principled, caring

The A+ Custodian
Borden, Louise 0689849958 c2004
The students and teachers at Dublin Elementary School make banners, posters, and signs for their school custodian to show how much they appreciate him and all the work he does. (7-10 yrs.)

Oma’s Quilt
Bourgeois, Paulette (Canadian) 1550747770 c2003
Emily's grandmother must move to a nursing home. Life in her new home makes her very unhappy so Emily decides to make her Oma a patchwork quilt using pieces of cloth from treasured articles that hold fond and happy memories for her grandmother. (5-8yrs.)

The Wednesday Surprise
Bunting, Eve 1989
Anna and her grandmother meet every Wednesday night to prepare a surprise for her father's birthday. The Wednesday night surprise turns out to be the best gift of all. Anna has helped her grandmother learn to read. (5-8yrs.)

The Mother's Day Mice
Bunting, Eve 0899193870 c1986
Three fittle mouse brothers go into the meadow to find a present for their mother but it is the littlest mouse that comes up with the most unusual gift of all. (5-9yrs.)

The Polar Bear's Gift
Bushey, Jean (Canadian) 2000
Pani, a young 1nuit girl, dreams of becoming a great hunter of polar bears Eke her parents. When she finds a wounded polar bear cub far out on the polar ice, she must decide whether to be a helper or a hunter. Based on a traditional Inuit legend, the story is about compassion and friendship. (7-10yrs.)

,Albert Le Blanc
Butterworth, Nick 2003
When Albert Le Blanc arrives at Mr. Jollys toy shop, the other toys think that he is the saddest looking bear that they have ever seen. They devise a plan to cheer him up with hilarious and heart-warming results. (5-8yrs.)

A Circle of Friends
Carmi, Giora 2003
A young boy shares his snack with a homeless man to begin a cycle of sharing and caring. This is a story without words with delightful pen and ink drawings. (7-9yrs.)

Miss Rumphius
Cooney, Barbara 1992
After making her girlhood dreams of world travel and living by the sea come true, a retired librarian follows her grandfather's old advice of doing something to make the world more beautiful, and then passes that wisdom on to her grandniece. (6-10yrs.)
Reflective, Principled

Bagels from Benny
Davis, Aubrey (Canadian) 2003
Benny inadvertently helps a homeless man when he regularly takes bagels to the synagogue for God. The story explores the values of caring, sharing and giving thanks.
(5 - 8yrs.)

Old Thomas and the Little Fairy
Demers, Dominique (Canadian) 2000
Old Thomas, an angry, bitter old man who lives by the sea, finds a little girl washed up on the shore. He nurses her back to health and again experiences happiness, companionship and the joy of caring for another. (7-10yrs.)

Crispin the Pig Who had it All
Dewan,Ted 2000
Crispin is so spoiled that he fails to appreciate what he has, or to understand that people are more important than things. He learns a lesson in this Christmas story. (6-10yrs.)

Big Ben
Ellis, Sarah (Canadian) 2001
Ben thinks he's too little to do anything until his older siblings produce his first report card, grading him on all the things little brothers do best. (5-7yrs.)

The Cat Who Loved Potato Soup
Farrish, Terry 2003
This is a story of love and heroism. The cantankerous and delightful characters are an elderly man and his cat. (5-8yrs.)

Erika’s Story
Innocenti, Roberto 2001
In 1944, a young child is thrown from a train bound for a Nazi death camp. She was raised by a woman who risked her own life to save her. This is a haunting a beautiful recollection of Erika's experiences. (9yrs; and up)

Rose Blanche
Innocenti, Roberto 2001
During World War II, a young German girl's curiosity leads her to discover a group of starving children imprisoned by the Nazi regime. Secretly she visits regularly to bring food to them. This story of compassion and caring amidst the horrors of war is most suitable for students in grade 5 and up. (9-12yrs.)

Pippin the Christmas Pig
Little, Jean (Canadian) 2003
In the guise of a Christmas manger story, author Jean Little introduces children to snobbery about one's forebears and an appreciation of what really matters. Here, we have a humble pig from whom the other animals learn to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas spirit. (5-8yrs.)

Frog and Toad are Friends
Lobel, Arnold 1970
Five tales recount the adventures of two best friends--Frog and Toad. Friends appreciate each other's strengths and forgive weaknesses. (4-7yrs.)

Chicken Sunday
Polacco, Patricia 1992
Three children of different races and religions Join forces to purchase a special Easter hat for their beloved grandmother and friend Miss Eula. (7-10yrs.)

Mrs. Katz and Tusb
Polacco, Patricia 1992
Larnel, a young African-American boy, and Mrs. Katz, a lonely Jewish widow, begin a special and supportive friendship when Larnel gives Mrs. Tush an abandoned kitten. (710yrs.)

Silver Packages
Rylant, Cynthia 1987
Every year at Christmas a rich man rides a train through Appalachia and throws gifts to the poor children who are waiting, in order to repay a debt he owes the people who live there. (7-11yrs.) Principled

Whale Brother
Steiner, Barbara 1995
Omu is a young Inuit boy who aspires to be a carver and a musician. He is frustrated in his efforts by a lack of maturity and depth of feeling. His discovery of a pod of killer whales, and his care of its dying leader, provide the inspiration and insight to develop his talents to the fullest. (7-10yrs.)

Give Maggie a Chance
Wishinsky, Frieda (Canadian) 2002
Maggie is anxious to read in front of the class but when it is her turn, she is so nervous that she can't say a word. To make matters worse, a classmate who reads very well makes fun of her. Maggie continues to be too fearful to speak until she rises to the defense of a friend when he is teased for stuttering. (5-8yrs.)

Caring Counts
Bender, Marie

Two Can Do It!
Canizares, Susan. Scholastic, Inc.,1999.
Photographs and simple text present various things that people can do together, including reading, playing and hugging. Nice section in back of book titled; Care about each other.

That’s What Friends Do
Cave, Kathryn.
Friends taking care of each other.

Doak, Robin.

Abdullah’s Butterfly.
Fraser, Janine. Harper Collins, 1996.
Set in a village in Malaysia this is the story of Abdullah, his love for his grandfather and his family and how he tries to bring extra money into the family by catching beautiful butterflies. Told by a tourist visitor to the village who at first does not understand that Abdullah’s family has very little money, the story is simple enough for seven year olds to read but opens up possibilities for discussion about topics such as poverty in developing countries for older children.

Sarah, Plain and Tall.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Scholastic Inc., 1985.
After responding to an advertisement Sarah leaves her coastal hometown in Maine to explore the possibility of becoming a wife and mother on a farm in the plains of the mid-west. The two children remain concerned that Sarah with her strong and independent nature will find happiness in this new environment. (year 4- 6)

Secrets in the Fire.
Mankell, Henning.Allen and Unwim, 2000.
This is a remarkable story of Sofia, a young girl in Mozambique who has suffered immensely. She loses a leg in a land mine explosion and many close members of her family have been killed. However her strength, determination and indomitable spirit are remarkable. (Years 5-6)

The Lady in the Box.
McGovern, Ann. New York : Turtle Books ; [Emeryville, Calif.] : Distributed by Publishers Group West, 1997.
When Lizzie and Ben discover a homeless lady living in their neighborhood, they must reconcile their desire to help her with their mother's admonition not to talk to strangers.

Kensuke’s Kingdom.
Morpurgo, Michael. Scholastic, 1999. When Michael is washed up on an island he struggles to survive on his own. He is about to give up when food appears. He is not alone. This is a wonderful story of survival and about Kensuke, an elderly Japanese man who lives on the island and has survived for many years using traditional Japanese skills and crafts. (Years 5 – 6)

May I Help You?
Nettleton, Pamela Hill.
Bridge to Terabithia.
Paterson, Katherine. Scholastic Inc., 1977.
“The life of a ten year old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm.”

The Kissing Hand.
Penn, Audrey. Child Welfare League of America, 1993.
When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him.

The Wump World.
Peet, Bill . Houghton Mifflin, 1970.
The Wump World is an unspoiled place until huge monsters bring hordes of tiny creatures from the planet Pollutus.

I am Caring
Schuette, Sarah L.

Small, Mary

Elizabeti's doll.
Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie, 1965-. 1st ed. New York: Lee & Low Books, c1998. When a young Tanzanian girl gets a new baby brother, she finds a rock, which she names Eva, and makes it her baby doll.

The Trip Back Home.
Wong, Janet S. Harcourt, 2000.
A young girl and her mother travel to Korea to visit their extended family.

My Grandson Lew.
Zolotow, Charlotte.Harper & Row, 1985.
Together Lewis and his mother remember Grandpa who use to come in the night, when Lewis called.

Ratmaa, Lucia. Mankato, Minn.: Bridgestone Books/ Capstone Press, [1999], c2000. Describes caring as a virtue and suggests ways in which caring can be shown, such as recycling, donating to charity, helping others, and listening.

Raatma, Lucia. Mankato, Minn.: Bridgestone Books/Capstone Press, [1999], c2000. Describes consideration as the virtue of being thoughtful and suggests ways in which consideration can be shown.

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