Imagining themselves in another’s situation in order to understand his or her reasoning and emotions, so as to be open-minded and reflective about the perspectives of others.


BLEAGH! A book about values written by Leana Lyn Doray
It's BLEAGH's first day at school. Like the other students in his class, BLEAGH is cheeky and fun but there's one big difference between them...he's a MONSTER! Will BLEAGH be able to learn important values and make new friends?
Empathy, Integrity

You and Me, Murrawee by Kerri Hashmi illustrated by Felicity Marshall
A beautifully illustrated picture book which shows a young white girl camping on the banks of the River Murray with her family and through her eyes the life of a young Aboriginal girl Murrawee two hundred of years earlier, before the white settlers came.

Pumpkin Soup by Cooper
A delightful story about Cat, Squirrel and Duck and the problems caused when Duck decides he will stir the pumpkin soup instead of Squirrel. It takes a while but gradually everything is worked and cooperation reigns again.
Cooperation, Empathy

Masai and I by Virginia Kroll, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
A young girl from the city imagines how different her life would be if she were a Masai living on the East African plains. On each double page spread of this picture book, the illustration blends and links the two ways of life. The fact that the girl and her family are black and that she is exploring her feelings of kinship with the Masai gives an extra dimension to the story. (6 - 10 years)

Beauty and the Beast.
Brett, Jan.Simon & Schuster, 1989.
Through her great capacity to love, a kind and beautiful maid releases a handsome prince from the spell, which has made him an ugly beast.

The Wall.
Bunting, Eve. Clarion, 1990.
Searching for his grandfather’s name on the Vietnam War Memorial a young boy and his father are proud to find his name and honour his memory. The muted sombre watercolour illustrations add to the mood of the text.

Oliver Button is a Sissy.
dePaola, Tomie. Harcourt Brace & Company, 1979.
Oliver Button is the constant brunt of teasing by the boys at school as he pursues his own desires. After a talent show where he tap-dances but doesn’t win the prize, he is reluctant to o school. Delightfully he finds a changed graffiti message on the school wall.

Now One Foot, Now the Other.
dePaola, Tomie. G.P.Putnam's Sons, 1981.
When his grandfather suffers from a stroke, Bobby teaches him to walk, just as his grandfather once taught him.

Through Grandpa's Eyes.
MacLaclan, Patricia. Harper Collins, 1980.
A young boy learns a different way of seeing the world from his blind grandfather.

Hiroshima No Pika.
Maruki, Toshi. Lothrop, Lee & Shephard, 1980
A mother’s compelling account of the sad and devastating event of August 6, 1945 is depicted well with illustrations of the horror of that day. Although the text and illustrations rightfully portray a sombre tone, the message is clear that there is hope such an event will never again occur.

Annie and the Old One.
Miles, Miska. Little, Brown & Company, 1971.
Although Annie attempts to delay the inevitable, she must come to terms with the impending death of her beloved grandmother. Through the wisdom and patient counsel of her elder Annie decides to learn how to weave with her grandmother’s weaving
stick. Basically black and white illustrations clearly portray life for this Navajo girl.

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale.
Pfister, Marcus. Scholastic Inc., 1998.
A tale of misunderstanding of actions by the big blue whale, which was simply admiring the beauty of the shining scales of the fishes, concludes happily since Rainbow Fish was willing to communicate. The silvery glittering scales of the fish in the illustrations add a depth and appreciation for the whale’s yearning to admire their beauty.

Grandfather’s Journey.
Say, Allen. Scholastic Inc. 1993.
Torn between two worlds that have fond memories in both, Grandfather’s Journey delivers a message of understanding between generations of life’s dilemma of a split love between two cultures. Say’s nearly full-paged illustrations create exact images of the carefully chosen text.

Pierre a cautionary tale.
Sendak, Maurice. Harper Collins, 1990.
This short chapter book of rhyming text with a simple moral tells the story of a young boy who has an uncaring attitude until eaten by a lion. Fortunately the doctor was able to shake the boy out of the lion and miraculously the boy changed his nature.

What's Wrong with Timmy?
Shriver, Maria. Boston : Warner Books, 2001. Making friends with a mentally retarded boy helps Kate learn that the two of them have a lot in common.

Junior School
Bridge to Terabithia.
Paterson, Katherine. Scholastic Inc., 1977.
“The life of a ten year old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm.”

Hugo The Happy Starfish "The Secret Of Happiness"
by Liebermann, Suzy, Happy Language Kids LLC., 2011
Happiness Begins with Sharing
Hugo is a little starfish. He finds his life dull. Tired of feeling sad, one day he sets off to find happiness. After much searching, he discovers something that makes his heart do a summersault! Sharing with others is the only thing that makes him truly happy; all other things just made him feel better for a little while.

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