Enjoying learning and willingly putting the effort into the process.

A Nice Walk in the Jungle by Nan Bodsworth
Miss Jellaby is such an enthusiastic teacher that as she walks and talks her way through the jungle she doesn't notice that her class is, one by one, being consumed by a hungry boa constrictor. But a boa constrictor is no match for Miss Jellaby.
Curiosity, Enthusiasm

Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley illustrated by Derek Brazell
Ling Sung decides he doesn't like school but all his problems disappear when he discovers there is something he can do that others can't - he can use chopsticks.
Confidence, Enthusiasm

Salmon Forest by David Suzuki and Sarah Ellis illustrated by Sheena Lott
A beautifully illustrated book in which Kate and her dad enthusiastically explore the forest and the river where the salmon live and spawn. Her father talks about the amazing relationship between the sea, the land, the river and all of life. (6 - 10 years)
Appreciation, Curiosity, Enthusiasm

Too Loud Lily by Sofie Laguna illus by Kerry Argent
Lily couldn't help being noisy in almost everything that she did and she was forever being told to shush. However when the new drama teacher arrives at the school, Lily's loudness is appreciated when she is the exuberant star of the school play.

Amazing Grace.
Hoffman, Mary. Scholastic, 1991.
The consummate actress of any role, Grace with the support of her family is convinced she can play the part of Peter Pan in her school performance. Winning the approval of her classmates during the audition, Grace clearly demonstrates determination, a confident nature, a joy in performing and a streak of independence.

Kesselman, Wendy. Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1980.
Seventy-two year old Emma discovers great delight and a way to combat her loneliness by painting scenes of all her favorite friends and places so she is now surrounded by all that she loves.

Dr. Seuss Hooray for Diffendoofer Day.
Prelutsky, Jack. Scholastic, 1998.
This most extraordinary school in Dinkerville proves that their teachers have educated their students properly, when they achieve top scores on an unexpected test. The rhyming text and vibrant, unusual yet detailed illustrations blend together to create a memorable work by three talented authors and illustrators.

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